Friday, July 28, 2017

You Might Be A #LivePD Fan If: 

  • The Palmetto inn comes to your mind anytime you check into a hotel. Heck if someone even udders the word motel, I get a mental image of a guy diving into a window.

  • Whenever you see a cat 🐱 on the show, you get really excited. There is always a cat, you just have to find it.

  • You will never forget the time Trooper Casey, from Arizona, saved a mans live before our eyes.  I nearly cried that night. 

  • Your recent searches include #LivePd all week long. Guilty!

  • You follow the K9 officers on Twitter. Shout out to Flex!

  • You have ever played Live PD bingo.  Which brings us right back to the cats again.

  • When you see the Obama store flash on your screen, you get excited. There is always something going on at the Obama store.

  • You have Live PD friends from Twitter. Shout out to Becky!! She's the best.

  • You immediately start writing a tweet when you hear someone say "that's not my bag, my friend left it in my car" .

  • You have tweet a question to #asksticks on multiple occasions.  He is so knowledgeable. 

  • You wait all week just to hear Tom Morris Jr. speak the words "Riding Dirty".

I don't usually write list posts but after many months of watching Live PD, I felt it was crucial  You can catch Live PD on A&E at 9/8c and you can live tweet about the show using #LivePD.   I would love to hear your love for Live PD so please comment below.  You can find me tweeting nearly EVERY Friday and Saturday, here.

You can find a #LivePD T-shirt here.

Happy Tweeting #backtheblue !!


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