Thursday, August 10, 2017

Must-Have Baby Registry Item

  Registering for a new baby can be so overwhelming.  Luckily, I'm going to simplify the process for you.  I am going to give you a list of must-have items and show you how to register for them simply.  The, in my experience, is the best place to start.  You can start an account here, to begin.  You will be guided to register with different stores and then each registry will be combined for easy viewing.  This way, you give everyone one website link and they are able to view all the items, from all the stores,  altogether.

I chose to register with Target, BuyBuy Baby and Amazon.  Plus there is also options to register with Pottery Barn Kids, Walmart, Babies -R- Us, Giggle, The Land Of Nod (crate and barrel company), Baby Earth and Crowd Rise (Charity Registry: If you aren't in need, donate to a mother in need instead). 

Once you have your account set up and have chosen which registries to add, you're ready to start.  You can either visit the store in person ( with the exception of Amazon) or you can do it entirely online.

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To add items on the websites, you would hit the "add to registry" button that appears on the most stores item description page. (Each website is a little different, but you get the idea.)

When you sign up with Amazon, you get a little welcome box with free baby stuff! Plus, nearly everyone has prime nowadays so it makes gift buying easy for everyone.  I had several of my friends tell me that they LOVED that I registered with Amazon because it was so easy. 

BuyBuy Baby had great deals, everything we could have wanted and excellent returns.  We still shop there a lot and have left over gift cards from our baby shower.

When deciding on what stores to add to my registry, I chose Target because of its variety.  I knew if someone had bought me duplicate items, I could always return it for diapers.  Target has everything from baby formula, distilled water, clothes, bedding, crib mattresses and the list goes on.  Also, Target has easy returns and pretty good customer service.

My motto about Target is: Go in needing nothing , come out $200 poorer!
(I mean come on, their home decor clearance is always on point )

Here is a list of registry items that we couldn't live without: 

Nose Frida: Don't get me wrong, the bulb syringe from the hospital is amazing.  However, when your kid is sick and snotty, nothing will beat the Nose Frida.  Don't be afraid of using your mouth to suck snot.  I swear, you wont get any in your mouth.  

DockATot :  DockATot is a fairly new item but it looks like a better version of what we used.  We used this travel crib that you can find here.   We had an expensive bassinet but our daughter refused to sleep in it.  So either DockATot or Lulyboo are both great options.

Mesh Crib Bumper:  This is an item that I did not register for and I regretted it. I ended up having to purchase this because my pretty bumper wasn't working for us.  My daughter would smoosh her face into it and I was too nervous about it.  We switched over to this bumper and have been using it for about a year. 

Kickee Pants Crib Sheet: You might already know that I am obsessed with Kickee Pants! (See my post about it here) If you don't already know about the brand Kickee Pants, they are incredibly soft children's (and women's) clothes.  Well they sell crib sheets that you can often find on sale, here

Bonus Tip: They stretch to fit a twin bed too!!

Fresh Squeezed Baby Food Pouch System by Infantino:  We got so much use out of this gift.  Not only was this great during the first year but we now make snack pouches with it.  It ends up being a lot cheaper than store bought pouches.  Plus you know every ingredient that goes inside.  This is a must have.  
Babo Botanicals Baby Gift Set: This company makes amazing products but the wash in particular is our favorite.  All babies have sensitive skin and mine even has eczema.  This was is a miracle for kids and adults with sensitive skin.  Don't just take my word for it, read the incredible reviews on Amazon here.  We buy the wash in the pump bottle but this gift set is a great way to try their products. 

Baby Bjorn: This was yet another registry fail for me because I actually registered for a wrap carrier.  Although wrap carriers are great, this one was actually way better.  I ended up buying one on a B/S/T (buy, sell, trade) site and fell in love with it.  Don't be like me, get one before the baby comes.  

Sound Machine:  I don't think the brand of sound machine is really important.  However, we used the MyBaby SoundSpa but it seems like this item is hard to find.  There are some purchasing options here.  I found many other options of sound machines here.  Just make sure to get that baby some white noise, if you want to sleep. 

Waterproof Cloth Liner: Ok, I actually got this item in a box of hand me down clothes.  Its been a complete lifesaver for the past year!  Its a big liner that's waterproof.  Its soft on one size and waterproof on the other side.  I think its supposed to go under a crib sheet to prevent the mattress from getting wet.  I do not use it for that, I use it for everything.  I can't even explain how many times I have busted this thing out to prevent a disastrous mess. Its cheap and versatile.  You need this item and can find it here.

Miracle Blanket:  The Miracle Blanket is the true key to sleep.  This is an excellent swaddle that is guaranteed to have your child sound asleep.  The grey swaddles with the colored trim are the softest ones, in my opinion.  You can find these here.  

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano: This was a fan favorite at my house.  I didn't think that we would get a lot of use out of this toy.  Another mom told me I had to register for it and I am really glad I did.  My daughter loved this item until the day she grew out of it. 

Bath Tub Flower:  The Bath Tub Flower was really convenient for us, especially when traveling.  For the first few weeks, we used this flower exclusively in the kitchen sink.  This is great for a little baby.  We even used it when we was old enough to sit in the tub. 

To see some great deals on baby related items, check out my baby deals page here.

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  1. I love shopping for baby stuff at those three stores. Plus the free box of goodies from amazon, what a great little surprise. Love your picks.

  2. The Dock A Tot was a true lifesaver for us. I went from a non sleeper to a sleep through the night in his own room within a few days! I was one happy mama!

  3. The nose frida sounds gross at first, but it really does work! However I have to say, if a mom isn't familiar with carriers, she has to look into the many times before committing. There are so many options.

  4. Brilliant nice little - v helpful, I like that there are few items one wouldn't necessarily think of.

  5. These are great tips for new parents:) Shell

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