Saturday, August 12, 2017

Reasonably Priced Home Decor

If you have never browsed the  "interesting finds" section on Amazon, you are missing out. You can find this shopping guide, here. This section is filled with unique items that change daily. They break all the items down by category so that its easier to view.  (I suggest the 'home' section)  I created a list of reasonably priced Home Décor items from this section.  (Its basically my Home Décor wish list. )

Sea Glass Jars: I am a sucker for glass jars, especially ones that look like sea glass.  (who doesn't love sea glass)  These jars come in blue and green.

Metal Candle Laterns: One of my life mottos is that you can't have too many candles.  In this case, its candle holders but you get it.  

Metal Rope Candle Holder Set: Clearly I'm a little obsessed with candles and candle holders.  However, I couldn't resist this second set of candle holders.  If you didn't like the birds, maybe rope is your thing. 

Hi, I'm Mat Door Mat: When I saw this, I got really excited. I personally love a hilarious door mat, so this is something I need.  This would be a great mat for your future parties. 

Concrete Utensils Holder: This utensil holder would match my kitchen décor perfectly. I am trying to decorate my kitchen in a French Farmhouse theme. This holder is sturdy, well priced and looks great. I was surprised the price was so low, considering that concrete is relatively heavy. 

Stackable Wire Baskets:  Wire baskets can help you organize your things quick.  Plus they looks so cool when they are stacked up.  These are a pantry must have! 

Tire Swing Bird Feeder: The more ridiculous the item, the more I like it.  This is a bird feeder that looks like a tire swing.  I'm more of a bird lady than a cat lady. 

Clear Acrylic Chairs: I keep seeing these chairs everywhere and they look so clean.  I love that they are crystal clear opposite to opaque.  Here is a reasonably priced set of 4 chairs. 

Rattan Coffee Table: Its always an awesome feeling when you can find a toddler safe coffee table.  This table would be a lot safer on my kids head.  It looks great too. 

Succulent Wall Cube: Wall cubes are cool on their own but this one is a planter too.  This modern cube shelf has a special place for a succulent plant. (only plant I can keep alive.)  This would look perfect in an office.


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  1. Omg! I loved loved those glass jars!! amazing 😉

  2. I love a funny doormat too...let's people know the kind of person that lives there. I like the idea of a wall cube/planter. I have a mini-rose plant that I don't have a good place for right now.

  3. I tottaly looove candle holders!!! I have them everywhere in my home and I cannot get enough!!!

  4. I'm so glad I found this! We are looking at buying our first home and this gets me thinking

  5. Nice work. Good research done and writing is also good.

  6. These at home decors are so pretty! Might think about getting a couple.

  7. Those are all so cute! I love the rattan coffee table!

  8. I loooove they utensil holder!! These are all such great finds!

  9. I recently discovered the interesting finds section and love it. They have so many cool things that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

  10. The glass jars and the concrete holder are just stunning! I love collecting decor stuff too and can never have enough of it!!!!
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