Monday, September 25, 2017

Creative Halloween Costumes for Dogs USA, LLC

  Halloween isn't just about the kids, candy and tricks.  It about dressing up your dog. (or at least it is for me.)  I have been forcing my dog to have fun on Halloween for 4 years now.  Last year, she was a butterfly. (which is fitting because if you don't watch her, she will fly away) In past years, I have struggled to find an original costume for my dog.  Well, 2017 is apparently the year for awesome dog costume.  There are so many options!  Take a look through these great costumes: 

1. UPS handler: The UPS carrier is my dog's biggest enemy so this costume makes me laugh.  Although, I do fear that my dog might eat this package like she does to the real packages. 

2. Teddy Bear Dog: Who doesn't want to hug a dog that looks like a teddy bear.   Your dog will turn heads on Halloween while he/she steal all the attention from the kids.

3. Lion:  I happen to love a dog with a fake lion's mane, even if it isn't Halloween.  If your dog has really long hair, you can groom him/her like a lion instead.  This costume would be extra funny on a tiny dog that has a golden lion color. 

4. Tarantula: This costume would be the most terrifying if your dog was little.  You can sit back and watch your dog scare every tricker-treater by looking like a man-eating spider. 

5. Guitarist: This dog looks like he just walked away a local gig.  The only thing that would make this costume even funnier is if it came with a fedora.

6. This Terrifying Muzzle:  Muzzles are normally scary but not this faux one.  You can go tricker-treating this year with a zombie looking dog.  This muzzle would be perfect on a small sized dog that is all bark and no bite. 

7. Skunk:  Let face it, dogs stink.  (or at least mine does, all the time!!) So this ironic skunk costume is a viable option for my dog this year.   

What is your dog wearing this year?  Send us all your dog Halloween photos for a chance to be featured on our Instagram! Send all photos to

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Unique Gift Ideas For Men

  I personally find it difficult to shop for the men in my life.  I like to give a unique and personal gift during the holidays but each year it gets harder.  Sometimes it starts to feel like there are no options left.   Gift guides, often help me spark up some ideas before I start my online shopping. If you also struggle to find the perfect gift, maybe these suggestions might lead you in the right direction.  
    Plow & Hearth

    • Fire Pit:  This is a great winter gift.  Everyone loves a good fire pit and this one actually doubles as a BBQ.  

    • Art of Shaving kit:  If he has never tried the art of shaving then this gift is perfect.  Its a mini shaving kit with a great quality brush.  The shaving cream is the absolute best. 

    • A Watch: Watches are literally a timeless gift.  I prefer to buy watches at a department store with a good return policy.  (just in case he wants a different style)  This watch is from Bloomingdales. 

    • Waterproof Boots:  Boots are a great winter gift.  An even better winter gift is Waterproof Ugg Boots.  Give him the gift of dry feet. 

    • GLACR: If you have never heard of GLACR, it is a beer coozy and disguise.

      • Kenneth Cole Fashion Sneakers:  These comfortable sneakers are still fashionable enough to be wearing with your business attire.  Basically this is perfect for the well dressed commuter.  

      • Toaster Grilling Bags: These bags are the neatest thing I have ever seen.  You make a sandwich, load it into the bag and toast it.  It comes out like a grilled cheese or a pressed sandwich would.  

      • Travel Grill: For the guy that likes to tailgate, this travel grill is a great gift.  Its a charcoal electric grill that is easy to clean and easy to carry.  Perfect for football season.

      • Tile Finder:  If you know a man that constantly loses his keys, this is the gift for him.  Tile is a little chip that you can attached to anything and it helps you find it later.  

      • Amazon Echo: This is my favorite gift because its like a personal assistant.  Alexa literally rules my entire life right now.  This device can make calls, send texts, play music, set timers, read the news, check the weather and so much more.  The possibilities are endless, with Alexa. I'm still learning new tricks every day. 

    “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”