Friday, October 20, 2017

2017 Halloween Party Essentials

Thanks to online stores, planning a party has never been easier.  With one click of a button, you can have an entire house decorated in just a few days.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love to dress up and I love Halloween parties.  Amazon has so many sinister party must-haves for Halloween 2017.  Here are some of my favorite best selling halloween essentials:

  • These reusable IV drink bags are fun containers to fill with red wine.  Pair the bags with a vampire costume and you are set to impress.


  • Even your wine bottle can wear a costume with these unique stickers.  Now you can mask your wine as a deadly poison and you will have all the wine for yourself.  

  •  I know that breakfast cereal isn't exactly a party snack.  However, General Mills just re-released Count Chocula Cereal for halloween.  That means we all need to turn these into cereal treat squares and serve them.  (yes I bought these and they are delicious)


  • Every Halloween party needs cute and also terrifying, decoration.  Amazon has a ton of really adorable halloween pillows, like this 31st spider throw pillow.

For a more gruesome look, this bloody knife garland is sure to spook.

If knife garland isn't your thing, then try this life sized cutout of Pennywise (I'm scared just looking at this)


  •  Ambiance is everything when it comes to parties.   To set the mood, turn down the lights and fill the room with these battery operated candles.  They will look really great but there won't be a chance to burn down the house.


For unique outdoor lighting, scatter these glow in the dark rocks around the day before.  Once they are charged up, they will light up your backyard for the night. 


  •  If you are going to complete your party with a costume contest.  Then you are going to need this headless skeleton trophy.  You can't let the winner go home without a trophy! 

  • Lastly, you can't throw an awesome party without having an unforgettable costume.  I suggest showing up as the dancing Snapchat Hot Dog Filter.   It may not be a spooky costume but you are sure to make your guests laugh. 


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