Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Reasons El Paso Is America’s Best Home Flipping Market

El Paso, Texas is a city that often gets overshadowed by larger Texas cities like Dallas or Houston.  With delicious Tex-Mex food, beautiful scenery, and a low crime rate, there’s no reason El Paso should be discounted as one of the best cities in Texas.  Something else many people may not know about El Paso is that the city is full of house flipping opportunities. In fact, last year El Paso was voted the number 1 best place to flip houses by WalletHub.  

With the influx of house flipping TV shows like Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop and Rehab Addict, house flipping has never been more popular, and more and more people are vying for their own piece of property with potential.  Here are just a few reasons El Paso is America’s best home flipping market.

Inexpensive Housing Market

El Paso’s inexpensive housing market is one of the biggest reasons house flipping is so popular in the city.  El Paso real estate is significantly less expensive than the national average, making it an attractive choice to people looking to purchase properties to flip.  People who live in El Paso praise the city as a great place to live, and home buyers and real estate experts are beginning to notice.  Homes for sale in other parts of Texas are significantly more expensive than homes in El Paso, prompting people to shift their focus towards the more western part of the state.  

Location, Location, Location

El Paso’s accessibility to bordering state New Mexico is just one of the reasons so many people are setting their sights on the city.  Having the option to quickly travel back and forth between both states is a game changer for many people, and something that isn’t as easily accessible in other parts of Texas.  El Paso also has some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable, and residents can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including walking, hiking, and biking. The Franklin Mountains State Park is one of the most popular scenic areas in El Paso, and visitors can view the beautiful Franklin Mountains from anywhere in the park.  El Paso’s prime location definitely lends to why house flipping is so popular in the city.


El Paso’s crime rate is lower than many other U.S. cities.  In fact, El Paso continues to rank on lists of the safest metro cities in America, making it an ideal place to raise a family.  Being that El Paso borders Mexico, many people may think that El Paso would be unsafe for that reason, but that is not the case.  Security at the border is extremely tight, and most El Paso residents say they feel safe in their city. In addition to safety, another thing that makes El Paso family-friendly is the city’s school system.  Not only does El Paso boast four public school systems and several private preparatory schools, but the city is also home to a great community college system, as well as the University of Texas at El Paso.

With an inexpensive housing market, safe location, and family-friendly appeal, it’s no wonder so many people are setting their sights on flipping homes in El Paso!

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