Thursday, July 12, 2018

What Deals To Expect on Amazon Prime Day 2018

It's that time of year again. Amazon Prime Day is approaching (July 16th, 2018) and everyone is hoping that the deals don't disappoint. If you are a Prime member then Prime day is a lot like Black Friday for you.  If you aren't a prime member, you won't be able to partake in the great deals.  However, Amazon is offering a 30 day free trial of Prime and this would be a great opportunity to try it out.  Besides the fact that Amazon has great lightening deals daily, most of the items have free 2-day shipping. 

Want to read up on Amazon Prime's Benefits? Read about it here.  

This year, Prime day will last 36 hours and has been expanded globally.  It isn't shocking that Amazon has upped the ante this year with longer hours and millions more shoppers.  The deals have already been rolling out.  Have you seen any of the sneak peek deals yet?  If not, lets dive right into it:

.99 Dash Buttons
Last year, .99 Dash Buttons were a huge hit. So it is no surprise that Amazon rolled them out again this year.  If you need an easy button for something, you can find them here.  If you don't know, a Dash Button is Button in your home that you press and your desired product is automatically ordered and delivered to you.  For example, if you need Tide Pods and then you would just press your Tide Dash Button.  Two days later, you have Tide Pods!! It's really that easy. 

$100 off the Echo Show
Originally selling for $229, the Echo Show is on sale from now until Prime Day for $129.   Echo Show is basically Alexa with a video screen.  The Show has got all of the awesome Alexa features but you can also video chat, watch security cameras and baby monitors and much more.  If you want to read up on all the cool features or check out the astonishingly low price, check it out here.

Prime Day Launches
This year, Amazon decided to do something called Prime Day Launches.  This is launches of new, special edition limited product that is exclusive to Prime members.  So far, these are my favorite launches that have been released:

Kindle Paperwhite
Last year the Kindle Paperwhite was dirt cheap and I would be lying if I said that I didn't regret getting one.  Hopefully this year they are a similar price.  I prefer a Paperwhite because it's easy to read in the sun and on the beach!  I can't give you an exact price for this e-book but if you are interested in reading about it or purchasing one, check it out here.

Kenmore Front Load Washers

I didn't even know that Amazon carried washing machines. Did you?  Well they do and Amazon keeps teasing about a really good deal on a Kenmore washer.  If you need a good washer, the Kenmore Elite has a 4.5 star review and is currently priced at $1,451. Add this bad boy to your wish list and stalk out the price!  You can find this specific front loading washer here.

Google Wifi System
Dead spots and constant buffering on the home wifi? Ditch the router and switch to the Google Wifi System.  This device replaces your router and speeds up your connection.  One device will cover up to 1,500 sq ft. and you can connect multiple devices around your home.  For a closer look at the features, you can find the Wifi System here.

Blink XT Camera System
Blink is a new Amazon company that sells home monitoring cameras.  The Blink XT is a multi-camera system that is waterproof for indoor and outdoor use.  This motion sensor camera runs off 2 AA batteries and your home wifi. (If you get this, you are obviously going to want the Google Wifi System).  It comes with free cloud storage and is controlled by your smartphone. Interested in reading a little more about it?  You can find the Blink XT system here.

Jibo Robot
Described as the world's first social robot for the home. Creepy or nah? Although currently unavailable, this expensive device is a fan favorite.  This social robot will learn your mannerisms and control your devices.  It can even act like your friend and tell you some jokes. He will even remember other people's voices and faces that you introduce to him.  Its definitely worth reading the reviews on this device.  You can find them here.

Are you ready to get shopping yet?  Well before you do, be sure to change your notification settings on your Amazon App.  This year, Amazon is sending out Sneak Peeks through the app notifications.  If find out the exact steps that you need to take, visit this link right here.

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