Saturday, September 21, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About The Instyler 7X Smart Dryer

Everything You Need To Know About
The Instyler 7X Smart Dryer

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to try the new InStyler 7X Smart Dryer. BzzAgent and Instyler gifted me this hairdryer, in exchange for my honest review. Initially, when I applied for this campaign, I didn’t know anything about this smart dryer. Right from the beginning, I am excited to see the hands-free auto-pause mode. This is the first time that I have ever heard about this feature. Have you ever heard of BzzAgent? BzzAgent is a company that sends you products (for FREE) to try out, in exchange for your honest reviews. It's free to sign up and you just need to answer a few questions about your interests to get started. Interested in signing up and trying cool new products just like this smart dryer? Click this link here: BzzAgent Signup

Before I tried everything out. I make a quick unboxing video. Check it out here:

I tried this smart dryer for several days before writing this review. I was shockingly surprised at how well this hairdryer performed. I have never tried an Instyler product so I didn’t know what to expect. My opinion about this dryer is that it delivers a salon-quality blowout, at home. More specifically, after using this dryer, my hair is softer and I can’t stop touching it.

Here is a breakdown of the 7X Smart Dryer’s features and how they held up to the test:

  • QUIET: Yes, this hairdryer was definitely quieter than most hairdryers’. However, it’s still a hairdryer and definitely sounds like one. Don’t expect to be able to style your hair while the baby is sleeping. Watch my unboxing video if you want to hear it in action.

  • SHINE: Your hair will, like Rihanna said, ‘shine bright like a diamond.’ This definitely lives up to the hype about shine. I noticed a significant difference between my current dryer and the InStyler 7x. In fact, my second-day hair was still impressively shiny.

  • FAST: I definitely thought I was going to bust this myth. I don’t understand how this magical dryer gets your hair dry quicker than other dryers, but it does. This was one of the best features in my opinion. If you always in a rush, then this dryer is for you.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This smart dryer weighs less than your cell phone. This claim definitely holds true. You won’t have tired arms from doing your hair with this smart dryer. 

  • POWERFUL: Powerful is an understatement. I think InStyler also meant HOT. The hottest setting on this dryer is hotter than any dryer I have ever used. If you have really curly hair that you are trying to get straight, this is going to be the dryer for you. Don’t worry, if you don’t need the powerful heat, you can turn it down.
  • SMOOTH: I purposely didn’t use any conditioner before trying out this hairdryer. I am excited to report that my hair is super smooth. I typically have half straight/ half wavy hair. I just gave my hair a rough dry and didn’t use a round brush. Typically this would result in a giant ball of frizz. Not this time! This dryer left my hair straight and smooth. Added Bonus: My second-day hair looked like I walked straight out of the salon with a fresh blow-out. MIND BLOWN.
  • ADVANCED: This is the only dryer that I have ever heard of having a hands-free auto-pause feature. Every time you place this hair dryer down, it pauses. Pick it back up and it turns back on. It also has an auto shut off feature. Another unique feature is the ability to control the fan speed. This smart dryer is truly customizable experience.

Overall, this is the most customizable hairdryer that I have ever used. I only ran into one glitch while using the smart dryer. Sometimes it turns off if you hold it low because it thinks that you have set it down. Sometimes I have to hold it up high to get it to restart. I didn’t have this a problem very often which leads me to believe that it could be user error.

I would highly recommend the Instyler 7X Smart Dryer. My hair is now smoother and shinier. Plus, my arms don’t hurt from holding up a heavy hairdryer. Most importantly, it's not a chore to put down my dryer to pick up a brush or check my phone. Smart is an understatement.

Interested in trying the Instyler? Check it out here: Instyler 7X Smart Dryer

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